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About Us

John Holt

Purpose Exchange

My interest in Purpose and it’s application to driving positive change in people and organisations stems from reflection on a successful career initially as corporate executive and now as an Entrepreneur, Advisor and Board director.

I use my own personal Purpose Statement to guide my interests and aspirations:

To actively engage the world, learn and grow from that learning personally and professionally and share that experience with others and feeling the world is in some way better off from my time here.

I’ve been fortunate to build knowledge and contrast between various business and organisational cultures from startups to multi national corporations from which I’ve observed some clear conclusions around the consistent elements present in strategy and execution of the most successful organisations.

We all know there are a multitude of ways to build value within a business and to achieve success as an individual but many are entirely on a small set of benefactors and negatively impact or contribute to social and environmental challenges we have in the world.

I remain involved at an advisory or governance level with a number of organisations including Kiwi Landing Pad which (co-founded in 2010), the FreeForAll charitable trust as Chair and Trustee, Director of Airways Corporation and regional Chairperson of the Bank of New Zealand.

My main focus is building Purpose Exchange and bringing the world a trusted single location to share information and impact on the the issues we all need to accelerate positive progress on to make sure our kids and theirs live in a better more sustainable world.

Join me on the journey and help me optimise Purpose Exchange by giving your feedback or questions at any time.